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New Black Series v1

    SMARTROD-TM-JPEG-2 sideThe first of its kind… and possibly the single most significant innovation to the modern fishing rod, the Poletap SmartRod brings integrated accelerometer bite detection technology to a handsome and rugged 2-piece medium action rig. With the use of Sound Alert and high-output LEDs, the Poletap SmartRod provides a built-in alarm system that activates when the line is receiving activity from the fish below the surface. Three sensitivity levels provides the ability to cancel out false alarms and one-button operation ensures that this advanced technology is kept simple.

    “The first of its kind ... and possibly the single most significant innovation to the modern fishing rod...”- Florida Sport Fishing June 26 2013

    Bite detection features are powered from two CR2032 Lithium batteries. Patented Poletap Computer Controlled Accelerometer Technology detects fish activity from inside the fishing rod and does not rely on mechanical mouse-traps or clip-on bells and whistles. This powerful technology has already generated buzz, as "the future of fishing"... - Übergizmo Edwin Kee. It is available in a 6'6" spincast rod, 7' spinning rod and 7' spinning combo of the rod and reel.

    • Water Resistant Design
    • Adjustable Sensitivity Hi-Med-Low Digital Readout
    • High-Output Speaker
    • Two (2) Long-Life CR2032 Batteries
    • Four (4) Red High-Output LED Alerts
    • Combo Packages with Balanced Ball Bearing Spinning Reel with Red 15lb Line.

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